While the Optometric profession and individual clinicians are aware of the aging population and need for optometric care for this segment of the population, vision in aging is often thought of in terms of ocular disease and low vision.  However, the clinical care of older adults requires an interdisciplinary approach and the clinical application of a unique and broad body of knowledge and skills to address the complex eye care needs of the aging adult. This includes knowledge of the disease-related and normal age-related changes to the human visual system, as well as the main systemic and neurodegenerative diseases that affect this population. The AAO Vision in Aging SIG will provide a forum for discussion, education, advancement of learning and the application of new knowledge of aging and clinical care of older adults as it applies to optometry.

The goals of the Vision in Aging SIG are threefold:

  • to promote knowledge of vision and aging
  • to promote skill and interest in the optometric clinical management of older adults
  • to promote eye care for older adults, both within and outside the profession of Optometry

To further these goals, we intend to promote discussion of research needs and the dissemination and application of knowledge from research on vision and aging within the Academy. We intend to educate regarding current best clinical practice for older adults and to identify new clinical trends so as to improve the optometric clinical care of older adults and to develop the field of geriatrics as it applies to optometry. This will be undertaken by

  • providing a forum for discussion of future areas of research
  • offering symposia, encouraging continuing education offerings
  • collaborating with Sections or other SIGs
  • developing links with geriatricians and gerontologists from other disciplines
  • surveying current curriculum trends
  • making recommendations regarding curricula and standards of clinical competency in geriatric optometry/gerontology
  • advocating for eye care for older adults both within and outside the profession of optometry.

The bylaws of the Vision in Aging SIG can be found here.

SIG Officers


John E Kaminski, OD, FAAO


Vice Chair

Padhmalatha Segu, OD, FAAO


Immediate Past Chair

Mark W Swanson, OD, MSPH, FAAO