North Carolina Chapter

Chapter News

The North Carolina Chapter of the Academy announced that Dr. Sandra Nassar was the initial winner of the “Dr. Roger Cummings First to Fellowship Award” at Academy 2018 San Antonio. The award was created to encourage Academy Fellowship for the residents completing the Optometric Residency at the W. G. (Bill) Hefner Medical Center in Salisbury, NC. Dr. Cummings was able to create the endowment to support this award in cooperation with Salus University. In the photo from left to right are: Charlene Singh, Chapter Secretary; Kristine Loo, Chapter Vice-President: Sandra Nassar; Roger Cummings, Founding Chapter President; Matthew Levernosh, Chapter Treasurer.  
NC Chapter Residents 1st to be Fellows

Chapter History

The North Carolina Chapter of the American Academy of Optometry (NC-AAO) was founded in 2004 by Dr. Roger Cummings and aided by Dr. Robert Morris both associated with the W.G. “Bill” Hefner VAMC.  The mission of the chapter is to provide high quality CE at the state level, to promote life-long learning to North Carolina OD’s, as well as, to encourage young optometrists to pursue membership into the American Academy of Optometry at the national level. 

Current Officers: 

President: Aaron Tarbett, OD, FAAO
VP/President Elect: Kristine Loo, OD, FAAO
Secretary: Charlene Singh, OD
Treasurer: Matt Levernosh, OD
Member-at-Large: Kristin Richwine, OD, FAAO

NCAAO Past Officers

2016 - 2017: Elizabeth Cody, OD, FAAO
2014 - 2015: Jarett Mazzarella, OD, FAAO
2013 - 2014: Edward Chu, OD, FAAO
2010 - 2012: Phillip Roels, OD, FAAO
2008 - 2010: Diana Mah, OD, FAAO
2006 - 2008: Robert Morris, OD, FAAO
2004 - 2006: Roger Cummings, OD, FAAO

Vice President:
2016 - 2017: Aaron Tarbett, OD, FAAO

2016 - 2017: Laurie Hoffman, OD, FAAO
2012 - 2015: Elizabeth Cody, OD, FAAO
2008 - 2011: Kate Lanier, OD, FAAO

2016 - 2017: Kristin Loo, OD, FAAO
2013 - 2015: Dustin Reece, OD, FAAO
2011 - 2012: Elizabeth Cody, OD, FAAO
2008 - 2010: Arun Subramanian, OD, FAAO

Board Member: 
2016 - 2017: Justin Cole, OD, FAAO
2013 - 2015: Diana Mah, OD, FAAO
2011 - 2012: Bruce Baldwin, OD, FAAO
2008 - 2010: Roger Cummings, OD, FAAO